Is reading culture dying in Zambia?

Is the reading culture dying in Zambia? What is a book worth these days? Austin Kaluba considers here book as a work of fiction not a prescribed school text book.

FAWEZa Mobile Library / Book Aid International (Flickr – certains droits réservés)

Many would agree with me that it is worth little consideration. Yet as we bemoan the death of a reading culture (of fiction books) in Zambia and elsewhere, there is a positive corresponding upheaval in the reading culture on internet.
Some critics have cited the high costs of books as being responsible for the dying reading culture in Zambia.
Is the dying reading culture to do with consumerism that has come with the rise of capitalism which has killed intellectual pursuits like reading when everybody seems to be preoccupied with the materialism?
Consumerism and social advancement have birthed new new gods who have replaced writers, priests, teachers and thinkers who were once revered (…)

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Published by Zambia Daily Mail, January 15, 2014.


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