Nigeria: Our Challenges, By Indigenous Publishers

Publishing in Nigeria over the years has challenges and is seen as one industry that is gradually thriving. The question is, are the publishing houses really thriving in Nigeria?

Books play a vital role in the development of a society and an individual. For a country to fully utilize its potential and revolutionize itself, the society must promote book development and publishing. In Nigeria, millions are spent on publishing books without profit due to piracy. Paying royalties to authors despite not making profit has remained an impossibility to run an independent publishing house in Nigeria. The quest for qualitative publishing has driven so many creative minds abroad to get their books published. With a country that has produced the likes of renowned world authors such as late Professor Chinua Chebe and Professor Wole, Soyinka Chimamanda Adichie, among others, still trying to find its feet in the publishing sector is giving great concerns to most publishers (…)

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Published by The Dailytrust, December 28, 2013 (via AllAfrica)


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