EditAfrica Sessions – New Perspectives

Launch: Septembre 11, 2019

Here comes a new era for the EditAfrica project. On September 11, I will start my podcast EditAfrica Sessions dedicated to the African publishing world. This represents a new format for me as to express myself and to develop my personal reflection. In this lively podcast, I will deal with various issues such as African publishing relationship with international book markets, the history of publishing in Africa, institutional dynamics, etc.

I am very curious to see how much this new project will evolve in the future as I would like to leave it free to develop according to discussions, exchanges, new ideas and unexpected opportunities for the reflection. The EditAfrica Sessions is in itself a boundless format, completely independent and with no other formal obligation but my own availability.

At the occasion of my platform 8 years anniversary, I will broadcast my first EditAfrica Session. SAVE THE DATE: September 11, 2019. Then, let us free to develop it with the tides, across discussions and debates (hopefully)! The podcast will be proposed in French (mainly) and in English (for a smaller part).

The EditAfrica Sessions will be broadcast and freely accessible (and downloadable) on diverse platforms to facilitate access from various regions of the world: Soundcloud // Youtube //Itunes // Deezer. You will also find a RSS Feed.

Each session will open with a discussion to be continued on social media afterwards: twitter & facebook.

Lastly, I feel very much honored and lucky to partner for this project with friends who accepted to accompany me in this new challenge, because we have many engagements in common: En toutes lettres Publishing (Morocco), Warscapes webzine/platform (USA), the cultural portal and journal Africultures (France), the journal Africa & Mediterraneo (Italy) and the professional magazine Publishers & Books (Cameroon) —thank you for your confidence and support my friends. Please, go have a look on their websites and excellent works. These guys are amazing.

September is going to be exciting! I can’t wait.

See you soon.

Raphaël Thierry


EditAfrica Sessions (provisional) programme for the second semester 2019:

Septembre 11, 2019: Opening session

November 2019: Nairobi Session

December 2019: Frankfurt Session

January 2020: Bibliodiversity Session

February 2020: “Minority languages” Session

March 2020: “Revolutions” Session

EditAfrica Sessions on Soundcloud (EditAfrica)EditAfrica Sessions on Soundcloud (Warscapes)EditAfrica Sessions on YoutubeEditAfrica Sessions on SpotifyEditAfrica Sessions on Deezer

French version:


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