Egypt’s BookBake: E-publishing for Arabic (and Everyone Else)

“Most e-book readers do not provide right-to-left functionality, and that’s only if they get away with displaying Arabic characters in the first place.”

Self-publishing an e-book is pretty simple. Once the thing is written and (hopefully) edited, all you have to do is choose your platform and click a few buttons. Will you choose Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing? Or opt for PubIt on B&N? How about SmashWords, whose boastful tag entices with: “Your eBook, Your Way”? Now all that your dear readers have to do is, well, find your book, and download the correct corresponding reader.

Want to help them skip the cumbersome step? Meet BookBake, a new self-publishing platform that promises to eliminate the need for e-readers altogether. BookBake, which launched last month, is a product of Vijua, a Cairo-based company specializing in e-book creation tools and services (…)

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